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Prostitution / Solicitation

Las Vegas has earned its reputation as “Sin City.” Fueled by the tourist that stream into the city, the strip is filled with advertisements for scantily-clothed girls described as “escorts” or “models.”

Despite the cities tolerance of such advertisements, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County. Law enforcement officers selectively enforce the laws against prostitution and solicitation.

Law enforcement officers on the Las Vegas strip often set up elaborate sting operations to catch unsuspecting tourist. In order to successfully prosecute the alleged offenders, law enforcement officers must follow strict guidelines so as not to entrap individuals not predisposed to commit the crime.

Las Vegas Solicitation Lawyer

Entrapment is one of the most commonly asserted defenses in these types of cases. Other defenses center around the fact that the massage or escort service was operating within the law.

If you are charged with prostitution, pandering, or solicitation of prostitution in Las Vegas, or the surrounding areas of Clark County, then contact an attorney at Gallo Law Office to discuss the best way to fight the charges.

Overview of Prostitution-Related Charges in Clark County

Punishments for Solicitation of Prostitution in Las Vegas

An exchange of a sexual act for money or other things of value is a crime. Prostitution crimes are generally charged as a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

For the first offense of prostitution or solicitation in Las Vegas, the court might impose probation, community service, the successful completion of prostitution educational classes, and the payment of fines and court costs.

National Day of Johns Arrests in Las Vegas

For 18 days between July 17th and August 3rd, 2014, officers with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department participate in the eighth annual “National Day of Johns Arrests.” The sting operations center around arresting the “Johns.” The term “John” is used to describe the person paying the sex worker for sex. The sting operations resulted in numerous arrests for everything from misdemeanor solicitation to more serious felony charges of sex trafficking.

In many of these sting operations, officers pose as prostitutes with advertisements on and Craigslist. The sting operation also targeted other sex workers including prostitutes, pimps and sex traffickers. Law enforcement officers also use these sting operations as an opportunity to seize and tow cars.

Over the last four years, the National Day of Johns Arrests has lead to the arrest of more than 2,328 total johns. The Las Vegas Police Department and federal agents arrested more than 140 people in the last ting including 26 individuals described as “Johns.” The operation also reportedly found eight juvenile trafficking victims.

Other related offenses include pandering a child, pandering by furnishing transportation, attempted living from the earnings of a prostitute, loitering for the purpose of prostitution, and massaging without a license.

Additional Resources

National Day of Johns Arrests in Las Vegas - Read more from the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the involvement of FBI agents and local law enforcement officers in sting operations to arrest individuals for solicitation, prostitution, sex trafficking and related sex offenses.

Statistics on Prostitution Crimes in Las Vegas – Each year between 300 to 400 people are arrested each month for prostitution by the Las Vegas Metro Police. Out of all prostitution business in Nevada, only about 10% is legal, and 90% occurs in Las Vegas. Illegal prostitution in the Las Vegas area grosses about $5 billion per year.

Looking for an Attorney to Fight Prostitution Charges in Las Vegas, NV

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