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Las Vegas Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex offenses, especially those involving minors, are prosecuted aggressively by the Clark County District Attorney's Office. Prosecutors will often seek the harshest possible punishments for sexual assault, lewdness charges or any other criminal accusation that are sexually motivated. State legislation in Nevada also makes sure that convicted sex offenders face a lifetime of punishment.

This is despite the fact that accusations of a sexually motivated offense can be based on weak evidence, including false or exaggerated claims. Jurors can be extremely sympathetic to claims of the alleged victim, so it is important that your lawyer understands how to approach these cases to show the weaknesses in the case.

If you face charges of any type of sex crime in Clark County, contact an experienced attorney who will fight for you. James C. Gallo is a Las Vegas sex offense lawyer who will seek to have your charges reduced or dismissed. He will challenge the evidence and fight to keep you from becoming a convicted sex offender. Call Gallo Law Office at (702) 385-3131 today to set up a free consultation.

James C. Gallo represents both visitors to Las Vegas and those who are long-term residents of the area, including those in Henderson and North Las Vegas.

Types of Sex Offense

The type of sexual offense a person may be charged with depends on several factors, including the age or state of the victim, whether any violence is alleged, and, of course, exactly what behavior is alleged to have happened.

Nevada law includes offenses for:

  • Open and Gross Lewdness;
  • Online Solicitation of a Minor;
  • Sexual Assault (often called “sexual battery” or “rape”);
  • Statutory Sexual Seduction;
  • Lewdness with a Child;
  • Child Pornography Charges; and
  • Obscene or Indecent Exposure.

Sex Offender Registration in Nevada

If convicted of one of several crimes, including sexual assault, open and gross lewdness, indecent exposure and any child pornography charge, you may be required to register as a sex offender. The length of time you will be required to register is determined by the offense for which you were convicted.  For some offenses, you will be required to register for life.

Information on sex offenders is public and easily available to anyone with internet access. The database can be viewed here. People, including your neighbors, potential employers and people with whom you are in personal relationships, can easily find you by your name, address or license plate number.

The sex offender registry, mandated by “Meghan's Law,” is one of the worse elements of a sex offender conviction. The law ensures you are haunted by your conviction long after serving your time.

Defenses to Sex Crime Accusations

In some circumstances, there may be physical evidence of a sex crime, including rape kits that contain DNA evidence. Texts and emails may also be deemed admissible, which is why it is critical to not communicate with the victim or anyone else if accused — remember, anything you say can be used against you by a manipulative prosecutor.

In many cases, the main evidence will be the testimony of the victim. A sexual offense accusation may be based on a false or exaggerated claim. 

It can also be based on an older claim. Sexual assault has a longer statute of limitations or time after the alleged offense occurred that you can face criminal charges, than most offenses. Under Nev. Rev. Stat. § 171.083, they can be prosecuted for up to four years. A victim has until the age of 28 before the statute of limitations runs out to prosecute childhood sexual abuse if he or she did not know he or she was a victim, or 21 if he or she did, according to Nev. Rev. Stat. § 171.095.

While these may seem like weak evidence, it is important to understand jurors often have a bias for alleged victims of sex offenses. Your attorney will build a strategy to seek the best possible results.

In some cases, including Online Solicitation and child pornography, your constitutional right to free speech and free expression is an issue. Prosecutors may seek to charge you for things you wrote on the internet or artwork you have that is covered by the First Amendment. An attorney can make these complicated constitutional arguments.

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Why Choose Gallo Law Office?

Choosing Gallo Law Office for your sex crimes defense in Las Vegas offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Specialized Expertise - Our firm specializes in sex crimes defense. We have extensive experience navigating the complexities of these cases, understanding the sensitive nature and high stakes involved.
  2. Proven Track Record - With a history of successful outcomes, including dismissals, reduced charges, and favorable plea agreements, our attorneys have demonstrated their ability to achieve positive results for our clients.
  3. Comprehensive Approach - We take a thorough and strategic approach to each case, conducting meticulous investigations, collaborating with expert witnesses, and crafting personalized defense strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of your situation.
  4. Trial Experience - We are seasoned trial attorneys prepared to aggressively defend your rights in court. Our trial experience allows us to advocate effectively on your behalf and challenge the prosecution's case with confidence.
  5. Client-Centered Representation - At Gallo Law Office, we prioritize our clients' needs and goals. We provide clear communication, compassionate support, and dedicated advocacy throughout the legal process.
  6. Discretion and Confidentiality - Recognizing the sensitive nature of sex crimes allegations, we handle every case with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.
  7. Personalized Attention - We understand that every case is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific circumstances and concerns. Our personalized approach ensures that you receive the attention and guidance you deserve.
  8. Legal Excellence - Our attorneys are known for their legal acumen and commitment to excellence. We stay updated on the latest developments in criminal law and employ innovative strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  9. Strong Reputation - Gallo Law Office is respected within the legal community and among past clients for our professionalism, integrity, and effective representation. Our reputation for excellence precedes us in negotiations and courtroom proceedings.
  10. Accessible and Supportive - We strive to make ourselves accessible to our clients, providing timely responses to inquiries and keeping you informed at every step of your case. We understand the stress and uncertainty you may be facing and are here to provide guidance and support throughout the legal process.

By choosing Gallo Law Office, you are selecting a dedicated team of professionals who will vigorously defend your rights and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your sex crimes case in Las Vegas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs about Las Vegas Sex Crimes:

Q. What qualifications should a Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer have?

A qualified Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer should have extensive experience and expertise in handling sex crime cases specifically within Nevada's legal framework. They should possess strong negotiation skills, trial experience, and a deep understanding of forensic evidence and psychological aspects relevant to such cases. Additionally, sensitivity to the stigma associated with sex crimes and a commitment to protecting the rights of defendants are crucial qualifications.

Q. Can a Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer handle different types of cases?

Yes, a Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer typically handles a wide range of cases related to sex offenses, including but not limited to rape, sexual assault, child pornography, internet sex crimes, prostitution, and solicitation. These lawyers specialize in defending individuals accused of various sex crime charges and are equipped with the expertise to navigate the complexities of each case effectively.

Q. Are there any specific laws or regulations related to sex crimes in Las Vegas?

Yes, Las Vegas, like all jurisdictions, has specific laws and regulations pertaining to sex crimes. These laws outline offenses such as rape, sexual assault, child pornography, and solicitation, detailing what constitutes illegal behavior, penalties, and legal defenses available to defendants. Understanding these laws is crucial for both prosecutors and defense attorneys handling sex crime cases in the city.

Q. Can a sex crimes lawyer help with both defense and prosecution matters?

No, typically a sex crimes lawyer specializes in defending individuals accused of sex crimes rather than prosecuting cases. Their expertise lies in providing defense strategies, protecting the rights of defendants, and navigating the legal complexities associated with sex crime charges.

Q. What is the statute of limitations for sex crimes in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, the statute of limitations for most sex crimes, including sexual assault and lewdness with a minor, is generally four years. However, for more serious offenses such as sexual assault against a child under 14 years old, there is no statute of limitations.

Finding A Clark County Attorney for Sex Crimes

If accused of a sex offense, everything in your life could be dramatically altered. It's crucial to have experienced lawyers who understand the laws surrounding sex crimes and can provide expert criminal defense. James C. Gallo is a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who represents defendants facing sex crime charges throughout Las Vegas, NV.

At Gallo Law Office, we recognize the stigma and serious consequences associated with sex crime charges. Our firm offers comprehensive services tailored to protect your rights and future. Whether you're facing allegations of rape, sexual assault, child pornography possession, solicitation, or any other sex offense, we are here to provide aggressive defense and strategic advice.

From the moment of arrest, through the investigation and court proceedings, attorney James C. Gallo and our team are committed to advocating for your innocence and securing the best possible outcome. We understand the complexities of consent issues, the penalties involved, and the impact a sex crime conviction can have on your life.

Explore our practice areas and attorney profiles to learn more about our firm's dedication to defending clients against sex crime accusations in Las Vegas. Contact Gallo Law Office today at (702) 385-3131 to schedule a free consultation and begin protecting your future.


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