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Theft / Property Crimes

Any crime involving theft or larceny is considered a “crime of dishonesty.” A conviction shows up in even the most basic background check, making it more difficult to find employment.

Similarly, any crime involving the destruction or trespassing onto the property of others will remain on your record. You will also likely be required to make restitution for damages you are convicted of causing.

Las Vegas Theft Lawyer

If you were arrested for theft or another type of property crime in Las Vegas, Nevada, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Gallo Law Office. James C. Gallo will identify all available defenses, and seek to have your charges reduced or dismissed. In many property crimes, there are significant questions of intent and/or of the value of the property allegedly involved.

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Nevada Crimes Related to Theft

The most common types of theft or property crimes prosecuted in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area include the following:

NRS 205.240 - Petit Larceny in Nevada

If the theft of money or property is valued at less than $650, then the crime charged is petit larceny. This crime is also known as petty theft or petit theft. When the theft is from a retail establishment, it is often called “shoplifting.” 
Petit theft is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.
In many cases, the prosecutors in Las Vegas will dismiss the allegation against a first time offender in exchange for the payment of a fine and restitution, and successful completion of petit theft school.

NRS 205.220 – Grand Larceny in Nevada

If the theft was of an item valued at $650 or more but less than $3,500 then the crime is classified as a Class C Felony punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. 
If the theft was of an item valued at $3,500 or more than the crime is classified as a Class B Felony punishable by 1 to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

NRS 200.275 - Possession of Stolen Property

The crime of possession of stolen property under NRS 200.275 involves possessing property that you know or should know is stolen.

NRS 200.380 – Robbery

The criminal charge of robbery is the taking of another person's property by using a threat or force.

NRS 205.270 – Larceny from a Person

The crime of larceny from a person involves taking another person's property from their person without their knowledge. The offense of larceny from a person is often called “pick-pocketing.”

Crimes Relating to Other's Property

There are several crimes in the Nevada Revised Statutes relating to the unauthorized entry or damage to another's property.

NRS 205.060 - Burglary

The criminal charge of burglary requires proof that a person entered a building or vehicle without permission with the intent to commit larceny, assault, battery or any other felony.

NRS 207.200 – Trespass

It is a crime to go onto another person's property with the intent to annoy the owner or occupant. Similarly, it is trespass to remain on property after being asked to leave. If you are asked to leave a casino or nightclub and are later found on the property, you may be charged with trespass

NRS 206 – Malicious Mischief

Several crimes involving the destruction or damaging of property fit under the category of “Malicious Mischief.” These include acts of vandalism and using graffiti.

NRS 205.010-030 – Arson

Arson involves setting fire to another's property or burning down your own property with the intent of defrauding an insurance company.

Additional Resources on Theft Crimes

Property Crimes Explained by LVMPD - Visit the website of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to learn more about property crimes. The Property Crimes Detail is part of the Financial/Property Crimes Bureau. The Bureau divides property crimes in the City of Las Vegas into an East squad and a West squad. The East team handles the northeast and southeast part of LVMPD's jurisdiction. The West team handles downtown Las Vegas, southwest and northwest areas of the jurisdiction. Property crimes covered by the Bureau include residential burglaries, auto burglaries, commercial burglaries, possession of stolen property, home invasion (non-domestic related), larcenies, retail and construction site thefts. Also read frequently asked questions about preventing a residence from being burglarized, what to do if your home is burglarized, and how to speak with the detective handling your case.

Property Crimes Explained by the UNLV Center for Democratic Culture - Visit the website of the University of Nevada Las Vegas to learn more about statistics on property crimes in the state. The study shows that property crime rates peaked in the mid-1990's and then began a steady decline before beginning to rise again over the last few years. Nevada has the 12th highest total property crime rate and the 11th highest burglary rate. Nevada's youth commit more property crimes on average than the nation's juveniles as a whole. Since 1994 Nevada property delinquency rates began to exceed the national average.

Finding A Property Crime and Theft Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

If you were arrested for any crime involving an allegation of theft or larceny then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Gallo Law Office. Whether your case occurred in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, or any of the surrounding areas in Clark County, call James C. Gallo for a free consultation to discuss the case.


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