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Attorney for Warrants in Henderson Municipal Court

If you have an outstanding warrant issued from the Henderson Municipal Court, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Gallo Law Office. An attorney can often help you resolve the warrant quickly. In many cases, we can help you save time and frustration with trying to resolve the warrant yourself.

In addition to warrants issued in traffic court, the court can also enter a warrant for a misdemeanor case including charges for Petit Larceny (Shoplifting or Petit Theft), DUI, or Domestic Violence. At the Gallo Law Office, James C. Gallo represents clients at all stages of the criminal case including the arraignment, pre-trial negotiations, pre-trial motions and trial. James C. Gallo also represents clients on warrants issued from a more serious case such as a Gross Misdemeanor or Felony issued within the City of Henderson to be heard in the Henderson Justice Court.

If you have a warrant for a failure to pay a fine or failure to appear in traffic court after a citation was issued, we can help you resolve the case on the best possible terms. Warrants can even be issued for unpaid parking fines and unpaid moving violations. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney for Henderson, NV, at (702) 385-3131 today for more information.

Additional Information for Cases in Henderson, NV

Marshal Service of the Henderson Municipal Court - The Marshall Service of the Henderson Municipal Court is responsible for serving warrants and providing security for the Justice Facility. The Marshal Service is closed on Friday, but open each Monday through Thursday from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm (except on holidays).  

Contact Information
Henderson Municipal Court Marshall Service
243 S. Water Street
3rd Floor
Henderson, NV 81095
Phone Number: (702) 267-3370

Warrant Tip Line for Henderson Municipal Court - The Court created a tip line and online form where individuals can submit information to the Marshal Service about the location of a defendant who has not appeared for a scheduled court date or who has not otherwise complied with a court order.

Active Warrant List of the Henderson Municipal Court - The active warrant list acts as a warrant search tool of the Henderson Municipal Court. The active warrant list has each person's name, date of birth, warrant type and bail amount listed. Active warrants are listed in a static .pdf updated regularly. Warrant types include the failure to pay warrant, contempt of court warrant, and failure to appear warrant.

Warrants for Gross Misdemeanors and Felonies from Henderson Justice Court - Visit the Henderson Warrant List which is updated weekly. Entries include the name, date of birth, case number, amount due, and charges.

Find a Warrant Attorney for Henderson Municipal Court

If a warrant was issued for your arrest from the Henderson Municipal Court, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for warrants at Gallo Law Office. An experienced criminal defense attorney for Henderson, NV, can help you navigate the system while fighting aggressively for the best possible result. Let us help you determine the best way to resolve the case. Call for a free consultation. Call (702) 385-3131 today.


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